Activities & Promotions

Exhibitors will benet from a powerful attendee marketing platform with initiatives including email campaigns, sms campaigns, multimedia advertising, social media campaigns and promotions, radio, direct mailings, partnership marketing, OOH hoardings, media coverage and more.

With a combined email subscription list comprised of thousands of industry professionals, buyers and sellers M 7 Creations will circulate frequent show updates, exhibitor proles, Newsletters, Invitations and more to stimulate interest and encourage attendance to the Show highlights and BV tech features will also be sent to the media on an ongoing basis to ensure widespread media coverage onsite. The show will be promoted heavily via synchronized social media channels such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook: Active fan page with regular updates & content. Banners driving traffic to website.

Twitter: Active Twitter account with thousands of followers, synchronized with both Facebook updates & blog posts.

Linkedin: Opportunity of networking across the professional platforms to reach out to a more targeted clientele.

The Show will advertise in a wide range of prominent daily, fortnightly and monthly publications in various cities across India in languages like English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi and Bangla.

Promotional road shows across TIER1 and TIER2 CITIES and market-centres to sensitise various sections about the expo to ensure maximum attendance.

Radio & Electronic Media (TV Advertisement) campaigns are planned to reach targeted audience all across india.