Why BV Tech / E-Vehicle

The India E-Vehicle Show & BV TECH EXPO 2018 platform offers an unrivalled opportunity for companies in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry to showcase their latest products, services and innovations. The India E-Vehicle Show & BV TECH EXPO 2018 is the best place to meet and network with your customers, business prospects, targeting the future market and showcasing the potential of the eco-friendly EV technology. This action-packed event will bring together in one large showcase, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, clean energy technology, and advancements in alternative transport options.


As man marches forward into the future, challenges like deteriorating quality of environment and lopsided models of development present him with grave challenges. Electric vehicles promise to bring about a transportation transformation whose time has come. All Electric vehicles (EVs) run on electricity only. They are propelled by one or more electric motors powered by rechargeable battery packs; resulting in reduced dependence on fossil-fuels and zero emissions that help in reducing the carbon-footprints in the era of global warming. By transitioning to sustainable technologies like Battery Vehicle technology, we can achieve energy independence and stabilize human-induced climate change. Ushering ahead is a renaissance/regime shift in the field of sustainable mobility with advent of EVs in India. And we, at M 7 Creations proudly contribute towards the march in direction of an eco-friendly transportation alternative by organizing India E-Vehicle Show & BV TECH EXPO 2018. It’s an attempt to go the extra mile to facilitate mass migration to green mobility.


India E-Vehicle Show & BV TECH EXPO 2018 is a promising platform that lays benchmark for megatrend of future by showcasing latest technology entering the EV industry. The exhibitors and visitors shall gain the cutting edge know-how and insightful updates on the latest developments in the EV industry. Hence, this is a comprehensive opportunity for enriching the knowledge and gain an in-depth view of EV Technology.